When people ask why John is running for King County Assessor, it’s really pretty simple. It comes down to families and housing.

John knows how hard it is for a family to get and keep a roof over their heads. Having raised four kids here in King County, John and his wife Rebecca have seen how difficult that goal has become for families.

Too many homeowners struggle to hold on to their homes or lose them to foreclosure leaving them homeless.

From John’s experience as running the Department of Assessments as Chief Deputy Assessor, he knows the housing crisis hits working families and seniors, too.

As Assessor, John will be an energetic agent for change and an advocate to preserve and protect the American dream of home ownership.

John Wilson Will be a Champion for Housing Fairness and Affordability

John will be a champion for taxpayers to make sure no one pays more than their fair share in property taxes.

If elected, John will fight to reform and protect the vital senior exemption program. He’ll work with housing groups, community agencies and others to find alternatives to foreclosed homes slipping into blight and disrepair. He’ll partner with advocates seeking assistance and property tax relief for disabled veterans, crime victims and others in transition.

John Wilson Will Build on His Record of Innovation and Reform

John has a long career of solving problems and getting results. As Chief Deputy Assessor, he saved millions without laying off staff, cutting facility costs by nearly $250,000/year, and spearheading groundbreaking technology initiatives that created a model mobile field device and an online appeals platform now used by more than 53% of all filers.

The next Assessor can and must go further: focusing on technology that promotes department efficiencies and makes it easier for taxpayers to look up data, file documents, and see that their property is assessed at a fair level.